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If you would like to come on a weekend, then please contact us by phone, e-mail us or complete the on-line form below. We will then get in touch with you and make all the necessary arrangements.

Weekends are paid for entirely by donation, this means that people who have attended a weekend previously, have made a gift that will allow you to attend your weekend.  At the end of your weekend you will be afforded the opportunity to make a similar donation and "pay it forward" 

The reason that we do this is that we would never wish to prevent anyone from experiencing the joy of attending a Marriage Encounter weekend on the basis of their financial situation.  We do require a deposit of £20.00 to secure your booking, either by the PayPal button, debit cart or other means.

Unfortunately due to Covid-19, several of this year's 2021 weekends have been cancelled and some will be re-scheduled.
Date of the weekend/s will be advised shortly.



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Submitting this form will make a reservation on the weekend selected. To confirm your booking we need to receive your £20 booking fee.

So before submitting this form, please print a copy and mail, enclosing the £20 booking fee, to:

(Cheques made payable to: Marriage Encounter Baptist Expression)

Steve and Glynis O'Shea

105 Hazlebury Road


Bristol, BS14 9ES

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A marriage encounter weekend is an opportunity...


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